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    Rotary Fuel Transfer Unit

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    The construction of the rotary fuel transfer unit is a must, if you are to success in the construction of your Jet helicopter.

This device feeds the jet engines at the tip of the rotor-blade with the required metered fuel, yet it is incorporated in the construction of the rotor head. Remember that the rotor head is  spinning at 395 rpm, and yet fuel must pass through the system to the jet engines at the tip of the rotor blades. 

The rotary fuel transfer unit can be adapted for use with any system that requires rotary fuel transfer system. It is a simple system that can be completely constructed in few hours having all the necessary materials available.


Butane fuel in the tank is at a high pressure of 330 Psi, when the fuel valve is opened and the throttle is twisted clockwise, fuel flow from the pressurized  tank through stainless steel fuel line to the rotating fuel transfer unit  incorporated  in the rotor head which is spinning  395 rpm, as the fuel entered the fuel transfer unit, the fuel is force to pass through two different channels, stopping each at a twin chamber, as the rotor-head and fuel transfer unit rotate, the chambers are open to permit  fuel to flow through separate channels entering the fuel line from the transfer unit to the jet engines at rated  metered quantity .  

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