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Germys Industries Ltd liquid butane-fuel pressure jet engine is your power plant for powering your jet helicopter, It can be adapted for fixed wing aircraft.  From our construction plan you can be able to build from 5 lbs of thrust to higher thrust of 330 lbs of thrust for powering fixed wing aircraft. The construction plan is given in details with accompanying drawings for each component part, with specifications  in details to assist the builder to construct step by step each component parts, after constructing each part, instructions are given to finally assemble the entire engine. Details construction plan and specifications are given for the builder to  follow strictly, and by adhering strictly to the specifications, you will have your own jet engine running to power your Fixed wing or rotor-craft in a matter of days. Instructions are also provide on how to start the new jet engine to achieve optimum performance. if you do not follow this instruction on how to start the newly built jet engine, you will have a deformed jet engine, and cannot achieve the standard thrust for a given construction plan.This pressure jet engine can be categorized under Ramjet and Pulse-jet engine, since it has the combined advantages of both.The disadvantages of both the Ramjet and Pulse-Jet engine are rectified and optimized in the Pressure jet engine. The pressure Jet engine has no moving or rotating parts as do most jet engines, hence no part wear out due to rotation, above all it is extremely durable and maintenance free. Start anytime without the need for servicing any part

   Pressure Jet Engine

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