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Jet Helicopter Plan

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Single Jet Helicopter construction Plan software provide the aircraft enthusiast detail construction information to built this single seat jet helicopter. It uses GBR-2 jet engine as source of power. 
The helicopter has the advantage of remaining airborne if there is an in-flight engine failure due to the momentum of the Jet engines at the tip of the blades and will remain under full pilot control to glide safely down. 
Since the aircraft is light, it provides room for more payloads. It does not have complicated starting system, it uses the Piezo-electric starter system, there is no direct coupling of engine shaft to rotor head as do the conventional helicopter hence the reasons for the blade auto-rotation to compliment in-flight engine failure and elimination of tail rotor. 
The Jet engine for the Jet helicopter uses domestic gas (Butane) as fuel and has very low fuel consumption but with high operation efficiency, the engine exhaust emits only carbon dioxide and steam which are ecologically friendly. 
The speed of this helicopter is 102 miles/hr and does not require a runway, but behaves just like the conventional helicopter in operation and manoeuvering. 



 Engine ----------------------------------------------- GBR-2 (2) 
Airscoop Air intake ----------------------------- 15.7 Ibs/sq inches 
Lenght ----------------------------------------------- 13ft 
Height ------------------------------------------------ 8.3ft 
Gross weight --------------------------------------- 520 Ibs 
Empty weight ------------------------------------- 280 Ibs 
Payload --------- ---------------------------------- 240 Ibs 
Engine thrust ------------------------------------ 52.8 Ibs(combine) 
Fuel -------------------------------------------- ----- Butane 
Fuel consumption ------------------------------- 1.6gals/per 
Max Altitude -------------------------------------- 13,500ft Max 
Speed ---------------------------------------- 102 mph 
Rotor diameter ------------------------------------ 26.4ft

Airfoil Profile --------- ---------------------------- NACA 0012 
Rotor blade chord ------------------------------ 11.9" 
Take off ---------------------------------------- ---- On spot 
Rotor rotation ------------------------------------- 395rpm 
Rate of Climb ------------------------------------- 1000fpm

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