Rotary fuel Transfer Unit





 Design Technology Software(Mechanism): Each mechanism is clearly explained using animations, photographs, video and text, to assist you in your project construction plans with  mechanism.

The butane-fuel pressure jet engine for home built project that requires very little tools to construct; it is a simple jet engine that anyone having the desire to build will complete in few weeks.

Pressure Jet Engine Construction Plan

        Design Animation Software

 Fuel less Power Generator Plan

The 7.5 KW fuel less power generator was invented, to make electricity free, affordable and available 24/7. The construction Plan provide detail information on how to build your own power system for home and business.

Welcome to Germys Industries Ltd. Germys Industries Ltd was founded in Sept 2004.  Regnault umaru Bamiji is the president/Founder of the company. Regnault is a respected and valued inventor of our time, an Astronomer, Pilot and Aviation Mechanic. Regnault holds 36 aviation certificates, from Pilot instrument proficiency to aviation maintenance. He is a valued member of Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association USA. Among his works are Jet helicopter, Jet engine Test Stand and Jet engine, Gyroplane which he single-handed built. He was also a member of Expert Group in Rocketry in the Nigerian Space Agency(NASRDA) and a member of Intellectual ventures Invention network, USA. Regnault was awarded 'Master Robotic Builder  by Award-Winning Robotics and Science kits (Board of Transistors, Resistors and I.C Chips California) for building a working prototype robot controlled by light and sound effects. 

In his recent invention, Regnault invented fuel-less power generating system, pending patent in the USTPO located in Washington DC.He has several other inventions pending Patent. The fuel-less power generator will provide energy to homes and businesses, and can be adapted for automobile, aircraft, and boat  engines without destroying our environment with health hazard greenhouse gas.

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The ​​​​Patented SFPG-300, Self-Reliant fuel less power Generator is a 100% green energy generation system, built to rely on itself to generate electricity without the aid of any form of external power source: unlike other renewable energy generation systems such as hydro, solar and wind, which depends on geographical and geological features to operate. The SFPG 300 is a standalone power machine. The Prototype built can produce 1.5kw (230V 50Hz), but it gives out 1.2kw for use, the remaining 300W is continually been stores in a different DC storage compartment within the system, until it has fully multiplied to 1500W (1.5kw).
Whenever there is a drop in the operating DC voltage, it automatically triggers a release of the stored 1500W (1.5kw) which is immediately inverted to AC voltage (230V 50Hz) in preparation for another cycle.
This green energy solution operates 24hrs, but it is always advisable to allow rest of 4hrs daily for longevity of the system, and has the capability of scaling up to higher Kilowatts/Megawatts.

The construction plan for the Jet helicopter are given in detail drawing and schematic diagram for each component parts of the Jet helicopter. Follow the step by step easy to understand construction instructions and layout to built your own helicopter

Jet Helicopter Plan

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The construction of the rotary fuel transfer unit is incorporated with the rotor-head.The unit rotates with the rotor-head at 395 rpm to transfer fuel from the fuel tank through the rotating fuel transfer unit and finally to the jet engines at the tip of the rotor blades

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